Dp Haushaltsbuch XP  v.1 2

Have you ever wondered where all your cash is flowing to? Then this program is for you! With our financial tool dp Haushaltsbuch XP you can get an easy overview on all your transactions.

Haushaltsbuch NetBook  v.5.0

Household Accounting Book is a free software that is designed to support you in your daily household-managing tasks. Your personal intakes and expenses will be listed, evaluated and visualized very clearly.


Budget Book  v.2.7

Budget Book (German: Haushaltsbuch) Freeware brings order into the private finances, the language of this program is German. In a few seconds, the revenues and expenditures are categorized. The program learns with each new entry,

Household Accounting for Excel Pro  v.7.0

The program allows you to enter and manage both fixed costs and variable costs. You enter your expenses in tables. Simple statistical evaluations and diagrams show you where you spend your money. Search Toolbar  v.1. 2. 2002

Free toolbar for eBay for a fast access to all important tasks of eBay. With the integrated search function you can search directly from within your browser in all categories of eBay without opening the eBay page first cumbersomely.

BiuTicker  v.3.0.4

BiuTicker - Download free daily and historical Quotes into your favourite Chart-Software. BiuTicker supports all major international exchanges, you can download unlimited quotes.

Household Accounting Book  v.5.0

Household Accounting Book is a free application that supports you in your daily household-managing tasks. Your personal intakes and expenses will be listed, evaluated and visualized very clearly.Installation of this software is very easy.

SciCa - Scientific Calculator  v.3.0

SciCa 3.0 is the fourth release of this scientific calculator. The software is able to compute mathematical expressions as well as to process two dimensional functions (y=y(x)-functions). You can now choose between two language versions,

Household Accounting NetBook Version  v.5.0

Household Accounting Book 5.0 is a free software program to manage your personal and/or business related expenses. The software lists and graphically evaluates your income and expenses in a very clear way. Version 5.0 is already the seventh release

Car Organizer  v.2.0

CarOrganizer enables you to keep track of any costs concerning your personal vehicles. The software computes the fuel consumption of your car in detail and provides you with a complete overview of all costs involved in maintaining the vehicle.

Private Organizer  v.1.0

PrivateOrganizer 1.0 is a program to manage address-data of your personal contacts. Furthermore, you can use this software to list tasks into tables and trace them very easily. PrivateOrganizer consists of two basic components, Addressbook and Tasks,

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